1. Seeing the real you.


Nothing is more inspiring to me than the opportunity to truly know you. Whether I have a camera in hand or if we are simply exchanging a few words, I will create a space for you to feel seen. My approach to photography is simple. I will read your energy and translate it to shadows and light.

2. Unposed.


The best moments are the real ones. If being ‘real’ in front of the camera feels impossible, I promise, it’s not. I will prompt you with questions that will make you laugh or cry, I will ask you to reminisce about the good times, and I will catch the little moments between the big ones. I can assure you that your photos will never look stiff or unnatural. And if you’re wondering, I will also make sure to capture some classic smiles and posed family photos for the archives.

Throughout the day, I will blend in with your guests so that I capture the essence and the vibe. I want you to recollect the big moments, but also all of the small moments that are too fleeting to remember. Your wedding gallery will have you reliving the day through everyone’s eyes and hearts.

3. Your Vision.


You are the writer of this next chapter, and I am here to help bring your vision to life. What kinds of photos are important to you? Is your day going to be wild and fun? Will it be small and intimate? Are you looking for an epic adventure? Tell me about your values and what matter most to you.