I’ve always been an artist and a dreamer. At 19 I decided to set aside my love of painting and my academic life to go work at sea. For 9 months, I saved my pennies and off I went to photography school in Vancouver. To my surprise, I fell in love with street photography – the fleeting moments and raw emotions. This eventually evolved into a passion for photographing people in love.


If you are interested in the less tangible elements of me, I am relatively soft-spoken, yet I have no issues rallying people. I am known to be the calming and grounding force in a room even if it’s going to thunderstorm or you’ve forgotten your bowtie. I have a goofy side that most people don’t see coming. I also love to flow with the crowd when the music is pumping.


I’m a crazy cat lady but I also love dogs

I used to be a yachtie (for the Below Deck fans)

I’ve skied in my bikini and I can ride a unicycle

I’ve studied nutrition and counselling psychology

I would watch Bob Ross paint for hours when I was 2 years old

I lost my passport once, somewhere between Iceland and Sweden

My favourite food is poutine

I love making brunch – especially crepes

I’ve traveled to over 30 countries

Sometimes I want to live in a tiny home in the wilderness


Julia & Andrew

“Thank you so much for making Friday such an unforgettable experience and for reassuring us that the weather would make for some great photos - it took a weight off our shoulders. You made it so easy to get comfortable in front of the camera (which is huge for me)!

All we can say is WOW!!!! We are so grateful that you edited so quickly and captured such amazing shots of the day - they are beautiful!!! We’re so lucky to have secured you as our photographer.”

01 / 05